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Designing For Web

Graphics and Gameplay

As a project designed for web GL we ran into a number of issues. Firstly the player in this game can use their mouse to affect the "enemy" mouse in the game. This works great on desktop but for web it took some creative programming by the team to get a similar effect. Secondly, we had a lot of graphical effects in this game which made the web build struggle on older PC's. No worries though, you can always download the game and play on desktop!

Difficulty Of Play

Fun or Challenging

When designing for a platformer it's always important to balance the difficulty of the game with the fun of succeeding on a difficult task. To achieve this we made two design decisions. Firstly, we kept the earlier levels incredibly simple, teaching each new mechanic in a totally safe way. Secondly, we ensured that each level had multiple paths: one simpler path for players new to platformers and a more difficult path to prove their skills!

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